Equif**ked - a Lesson for CFOs

As the trading hours closed tonight, Wall Street has rendered its initial verdict on Equifax after its breach earlier this month -- 25%, or $4 Billion, in market cap wiped out in just 5 days. And...

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Varun Badhwar

09.13.17 0:46 AM

Security Best Practices for AWS Access Key Deletion

Recent months have seen a number of high profile breaches such as the OneLogin breach that resulted from compromised access keys. In these instances, the affected organizations failed to meet...

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RedLock CSI Team

08.15.17 14:37 PM

3 Key Takeaways from AWS Community Day

Last week, the first AWS Community Day was held in San Francisco. Unlike most conferences that are sponsored by vendors, this free event was organized by AWS community leaders and heroes...

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Amy Heng

06.20.17 23:20 PM

Misconfiguration Exposes 198 Million American Voter Records

During the 2016 election, the Republican National Committee (RNC) hired Deep Root Analytics (DRA) to analyze political voting behaviors of Americans. DRA is storing 25 terabytes of sensitive voter...

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Varun Badhwar

06.20.17 0:26 AM

Lessons from the OneLogin Breach

Research has shown that people with the GG genotype are able to quickly learn from their mistakes. We are starting the “Cybersecurity GG Genotype” blog series where we will analyze breaches and...

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Gaurav Kumar

06.08.17 14:05 PM